About Us


Our Journey

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a passion for delivering excellent service and top quality food, and the dream of owning an authentic Sri Lankan restaurant, we created Ayubowan.

Our mission is to provide a taste of Sri Lanka in the UK, using traditional family recipes, providing high-quality food that offers value for money.


We aim to deliver great customer service, and our family-friendly atmosphere will make all customers feel like they are in a land like no other.


Located in Glossop in Derbyshire, the restaurant is an escape to warmer climates. Serving authentic foods of Sri Lanka set in a relaxing environment. Our team of Sri Lankan chefs produces foods of the region with a contemporary twist for you to enjoy..

The restaurant is located on the bustling high street of Glossop town centre, with a public pay & display car park located at the back of the restaurant on Bernard Street. The restaurant boasts an outdoor seating area, perfect for those summer nights.


Meaning of Ayubowan

Ayubowan is a Sinhalese greeting.


Day-to-day it means hello (and goodbye), but it also has a wider meaning that roughly translates as “may you live long and healthy”.


So, Ayubowan!


Our Locations

46-50 High Street West, Glossop, SK13 8BH

359-361 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8PF

Coming Soon