Savoury Snack Box includes:


  • 75g Spicy Fried Chick Peas
  • 75g Spicy Dried Peas
  • 75g Chilli Lemon Corn Nuts
  • 75g Vindaloo Mix 


National & local delivery available. Collection instore at Ayubowan Glossop. 


Allergen  info: Snack box contains items that contain nuts, gluten , onion and garlic



Spicy Fried Chick Peas:  chick peas, vegetable oil (rapeseed), chilli powder, salt

Spicy Dried Peas: green peas, vegetable oil, salt, spices (red chilli powder), citric acid

Chilli Lemon Corn Nuts: maize, vegetable oil (palm), chilli & lemon seasoning, salt, paprika, rice flour, lemon juice powder, spices, herbs, garlic powder, onion powder, yeast extract, yeast powder, citric acid, paprika, chilli powder

Vindaloo Mix: gram flour, vegetable oil (rapeseed), potato starch, puffed rice, green lentils, peanuts, maize flour, chick peas, peas, chilli powder, spices, salt

Savoury Snack Box